Fiancé, Spouse, Parent, Sibling...

Good immigration attorneys never roam the world alone. This is because most of our clients are like family.  And family puts you in contact with their extended family “back home”.  We digress… that’s not the kind of “family” we’re talking about here.

Family, here, means family based immigration petitions. This may include immigration sponsorship for a parent, sibling, or spouse, or a fiancé visa petition.

Petition for foreign relative

Family Based Green Card

As US residents or citizens, we have the right to petition for a foreign relative to obtain residence or visas in the US. Like every other US immigration process, family visa sponsorship can range from simple to complex, so we provide you with solid immigration counsel throughout to minimize complications as much as possible and resolve any issues that are unavoidable.

Offering family based immigration services is a natural extension of our investment and business immigration work. And a great testament to the quality of our work – when our EB-5 or H-1B beneficiaries decide to marry, they ask our immigration attorneys to manage the bureaucracy while they focus on romance.

If the law allows sponsorship for a family visa or family based green card, you can rely on our immigration services to guide you in the process. 

Similarly, when our clients choose to become US citizens, we guide the way. We demystify the process, provide you with clear instructions and manage your timeline.  And while we wait for the interview at USCIS, we quiz you on US civics.

We Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way

More than just your immigration counsel, we also act as your dedicated advisor, and are committed to guiding you through every part of the complicated US immigration system.

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